Lorenzo and Maria’s Kitchen 1418 Third Avenue New York, NY 10028

Lorenzo and Maria’s Kitchen

1418 Third Avenue

New York, NY  10028

(212) 794-1080


Open: Sunday Closed/Monday-Saturday 10:00am-7:30pm

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Sometimes there are stores that just don’t fit into any category or they fit into many categories. Lorenzo and Maria’s Kitchen is one of the those stores. It is not a restaurant but more of a upscale, homey gourmet shop selling all sorts of entrée items that are displayed like jewels in the window and when you go inside there are more wonderful things to see and smell when you walk through the door.


Lorenzo and Maria’s Kitchen at 1418 Third Avenue

The store itself it a hark back to the old days of the Silver Palate and Dean & Deluca when they were in their heydays and had not gotten so frou-frou with their food and the customers and were more neighborhood shops that catered to the busy customer who wanted something homey or something they would have cooked for themselves but did not have the time.

The cooking here is very stick to your ribs and downhome. In the window at any time there could be individual pot pies, golden and flaky on the outside, glazed duck that glistens in the window, Chicken Franchise, breaded and sautéed perfectly and sits in a delicious lemon sauce with slices of lemon on top. The sautéed vegetables always look like they were just picked and sometimes they have stuffed potatoes brimming with bacon and sour cream toppings.

Lorenzo and Maria's Kitchen

The colorful gourmet foods in the display window

When you walk through the door to see what goodies are on the shelves inside, you are greeted with the sites of the cooking going on and the smells of what is coming to the counter. The store has an appearance of an old-fashioned gourmet store with its shelves of supplies and little bits of artwork here and there. The back kitchen is open so you get to see the staff cooking everything that will be displayed.


The gourmet dishes in the window

The inside caselines have different types of pastries that include Raisin Danishes, Apple Turnovers, loaded with sweet cinnamon apple filling and Apricot Danish twists lined with sweet apricot jelly. At $1.25 each they make a nice snack and each is buttery and savory at the same time. It is a nice place to stop for dessert after a good meal.

The service is very pronounced though. Maria has waited on me a few times and she never takes the money. She makes another worker take it and finish the transaction. She never seems to smile but very satisfied when you bite into one of her pastries and you look like you enjoy it. There is that little grin in her eye and a smile that I can see out of the side of my eye where that sly smile comes out.

She knows you are enjoying your food!


Gabrielle Carlson Studio 501 Lexington Avenue New York, NY 10017

Gabrielle Carlson Studio

501 Lexington Avenue

New York, NY  10017

(917) 514-4433




When I was exploring the Turtle Bay neighborhood for my blog, “MywalkinManhattan.com” when rounding the corner by the Roger Smith Hotel  I was greeted by the beautiful vibrant colors of clothes in the window of Gabrielle Carlson Studio, which at the time was on East 47th Street and has now moved to 501 Lexington Avenue in the Roger Smith Hotel’s shops facing Lexington Avenue.

What attracted me to the store was the vibrant colors of the clothing and uniqueness of the styles and designs. Clothes were hanging from the racks in vibrant deep greens and purples and various hues of blue. There were different types of clothes to choose from including dresses, skirts, tank tops, tee-shirts, scarfs and sheen coverings in various colors and sizes. The store’s motto is “Beautiful Clothes in Your Size” and it fits the bill.

Gabrielle Carlson Studio III

A beautiful top accessorized by jewelry

When I walked into the new store on Lexington Avenue, I was lucky enough to talk to Gabrielle Carlson, the designer herself about her clothing line and the customers she caters to in New York. Ms. Carlson is originally from South Africa and is now living in New York and discovered a niche in the boutique market for a mature woman who likes to try her clothes on and find the right fit. Most of Ms. Carlson’s line in manufactured here in New York City’s Garment District and some clothes are actually made for the customer whose measurements don’t fit traditional sizes of the department stores.

Ms. Carlson explained to me that she has an excellent turnaround time with her clothes as she works with people in the Garment District whose craftsmanship is excellent and can tailor her look for her customers for that reason. She also works with jewelry designers and manufacturers who produce her accessories that her clothes nicely.

Her jewelry lines are also made here in New York and these beautiful pearl and bead necklaces and bracelets can match all wardrobes. These elegant pieces can be worn both dressy and casual.

The store tailors to that customer who still likes to try her clothes on for the perfect fit and likes to mix and match looks. The looks can go from business casual to dressy evening ware and never loose sight of the woman wearing them.

Also her prices are very fair for the quality of clothing that is not only American made but New York made.


Gabrielle Carlson Studio

A proud customer in a Gabrielle Carlson jacket


A History of Gabrielle Carlson Studio:

(This write up is from Ms. Carlson’s website)

About Gabrielle, Fashion Designer & Dresser Extraordinaire

Gabrielle designs beautiful, elegant clothes in vibrant colors and exquisite fabrics. Wearing her pieces, you look and feel beautiful-your very best self.

Gabrielle’s style is timeless and well-worn by women of every age and size. Stepping into her shop, you see an array of vivid color-and fabrics you want to touch: intriguing that combine creating endless ensembles.

Gabrielle’s day into evening pieces are there too. And there are the jackets-slipping into a Gabrielle jacket has you ready for unexpected moments. There are ‘one of kind’ pieces, a mix of beautiful pieces. It’s a question of where to look first.

Professional women who have little time to find clothes that flatter and fit are happy with Gabrielle’s expertise; she will dress you for the courtroom, conference room and cocktails. “Beautiful clothes in Your Size” is absolutely what’s available.

Stepping into Gabrielle’s studio, you’re surrounded by color, texture, fun styles and you want to play. Gabrielle loves dressing her customers creating with you, choosing pieces that best enhance you, flatter your figure and satisfy your longing for beauty. It’s an infectious experience that has women returning and bringing other with them.

I give full credit to Gabrielle Carlson Studio for this information.



Lester’s 1534 Second Avenue New York City, NY 10021

1534 Second Avenue
New York City, NY 10021
(212) 734-9292


Open: Monday-Friday 10:00am-7:00pm/Saturday 10:00am-6:00pm/Sunday 11:00am-6:00pm

Five Locations in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Greenvale, Rye Brook and Westport, CT

I came across Lester’s, a clothing store for children’s, teens and adults when I was walking around the Upper East Side on ‘Day One Hundred & Four’ on my blog “MywalkinManhattan” when I walked this section of the Upper East Side. I saw crowds of school kids coming in and out of the store with their parents and stopped in for look.

lester's ii

Don’t miss the children’s section

What I discovered was a store that almost sets the tone for what most people would think the Upper East Side teen might want for school, summer camp and casual wear. The store was stocked with all sorts of jeans, tops and shoes for the toddler to teens alike. There are Layette sets for infants and all sorts of accessories around the counters.

Even though the store marks itself as being trendy, I saw most of the clothing look more classic and items that did not go out of style by the next season. The latest styles often revisit older looks in clothing.

What I thought was nice was that they have a complete section for kids going to summer camp along with a registry to fill the orders of each child. You can even order customized stationary and bedding with name-labeling services, including free taping or sewing that is offered on site (Lester’s promotional).


Lester’s is a true neighborhood clothing store for the Upper East Side child

On the side of the store, there are even trendy looks for the ladies with blouses, skirts, jackets, slacks and jeans all beautifully displayed.

The Fall Fashions have hit the store in November 2019 and there are some interesting items at Lester’s. There are logoed tops from vendor Hot Candy that are pretty interesting all done in mute colors. There are colorful bottoms in red, black and grey that caught my eye. The Layette sets for babies are very nicely set up and I watched as one sales associate was personalizing it for a customer.

Lester's III

Lester’s has many looks and styles

The prices vary by items by season. The styles and label’s also change season by season. The customer service at the store I have noticed is very personal and a lot of the salespeople know their customers by name.


History of Lester’s:

The company started in 1948 by Lester and Lillian Kronfeld on Avenue U in Brooklyn in a tiny 300 foot shop. The current owner, Barry Cohen, who is a nephew of the Kronfeld’s, along with partners currently own the store.

Mr Cohen said, “It was a neighborhood business stocked from floor to ceiling with brand name clothing at discount prices. The owners knew everyone by name. They used to hand deliver items to people’s homes. It was all about customer service.” (New York Family Magazine 2010)

The store’s Manhattan outpost opened in 1992, after the Kronfeld’s noticed that many of their customers grown children were moving from Brooklyn to the Upper East Side with their own families. (New York Family Magazine 2010)

Amado on 3rd 1322a Third Avenue Between East 76th & 77th Street New York, NY 10021

Amado on 3rd

1322a Third Avenue between East 76th & 77th Street

New York, NY  10021

(917) 965-2852


I love this quirky clothing store run by two women who are best described as ‘engaging’, Merri and Roberta. They will keep you laughing and welcomed in your visit to their store. I walked past the store when visiting the Upper East Side for my walking project, “MywalkinManhattan.com” and thought there window display was interesting (Please check the blogs on ‘Walking the Upper East Side’ more information on the store).

Amado on 3rd is a very unique clothing store, carrying brands both domestic and abroad that I have never seen before like Oui, a French company for cashmere sweaters. The clothes are fashion forward for both casual and professional  and are items the everyday woman could wear to the office or for an evening out on the town. It is trendy without being over the top. Items like nicely printed tops,  colorful geometric sweaters, multi-colored and dyed fur jackets and knit and cashmere hats. These designs you will never see in the department stores.

Amado on 3rd III

Winter Knits and outfits at Amado on Third (plus refreshments)

The prices here aren’t cheap as a cashmere sweater will cost you between $200-$275, a dyed fox jacket around $600 and knit hats around $40 but the quality and materials match the price points. The clothes work almost as wearable art.

I have visited the store in the Spring, Summer and Fall and the clothes are unique in design and color as well as functionality. The clothes for all seasons at that Amado on 3rd carries can be worn both to the office and out for the evening, never losing their feminine appeal. Their clothes are dressy casual but still with that professional look. They are currently carrying a line by designer Joseph Ribkoff that was very impressive. Simple yet elegant.

During a recent visit to look over their Spring clothing lines, they have beautiful floral prints by Tizzie, that are bright, elegant and have beautiful floral motifs on them that would match with jeans and slacks alike. These come in both floral, geometric and solid colors and offer the most vibrant colors. A line of elegant tops by Petit Pois were also very wearable and had nice geometric patterns to them.

Tizzie blouse

One of Tizzie’s colorful blouses (may not be available now)

On recent visit to the store to look at their Summer clothing, they have an interesting and colorful line of blouses from Gretchen Scott that I have never seen in the department stores. Again the lines are colorful without begin gaudy and go great with a pair of slacks, a skirt or jeans.

Gretchen Scott blouse.jpg

Gretchen Scott Blouse (may not be available now)

There is new transitional Fall clothing coming in that came in from a vendor called Kukon that were cotton tops with a gray colored motif on each of them. Very wearable with anything. The Fall clothing are now entering the store and there are many interesting sweaters and blouses coming into the store. Vendors being features are from Kokun, Cyrus, Tizzie ad Yah (not all lines are available at the same time.

Tizzie Blouse II.jpg


One of the new blouses by Tizzie

The store also has an interesting line of jewelry and accessories that you should check out. Every season there is something new to see. There is a very nice line of young girl’s dresses that are Torie Birch inspired and an interesting line of Japanese jeans stuffed with sequins on them in the shape of Bugs Bunny and other cartoon characters.

The best part of the store is the level of customer service you get from the ladies. It is excellent. They know their merchandise and who their customer is walking through the door. They can tell you how to put outfits together, what item might look nice on a certain woman and how to mix and match. They have extensive knowledge of the clothes they carry and will pull each piece off the rack and explain it to you. As one of the owners explained to me, “We buy for women like us who like youthful, elegant clothing that matches our lifestyle. There really is something for everyone here.”

Another aspect is the free food items to munch on when you are shopping. They might open a bottle of wine, have an assortment of cookies and fruit or cheese and crackers out for the customers to nibble on while they are looking around. On a recent trip I nibbled on a few jellied candies that the ladies put out. I thought that was a nice detail when shopping and a way of keeping the customer engaged.

Amado on 3rd IV

Keeping with the spirit of Halloween the fun and original displays at Amado on Third

They also don’t forget the furry four-legged customers who come into the store with treats for dogs and a water dish outside the store. They also had a small mirror outside during the warm months for the dogs to admire themselves. These are those interesting touches that most stores don’t offer.

For Men, they have an interesting line of colorful socks which are now all the trend for $15.00 in all patterns and styles.

The Winter merchandise is just coming in and there are many printed scarfs and fringed printed gloves that will go with any look.

So if you are looking for the unique piece of clothing, jewelry or accessory that you might not find in boutiques and department stores around New York City, start at Amado on 3rd and let the ladies help you make a selection. If anything, you can still indulge in a cookie while you are walking around the store.

This is shopping made interesting.

*The author wants to thank Roberta for supplying extra pictures of the shop for the blog. It shows the true spirit of the store.




Folly 157 East 71st Street New York, NY 10021


157 East 71st Street

New York, NY  10021

(917) 751-7293




Hours: Monday-Friday-11:00am-7:00pm/Saturday & Sunday-11:00am-5:00pm

Folly II.jpg

Folly is a cute little gift shop on the Upper East Side

I came across the gift shop, Folly, when I was walking the lower part of the Upper East Side for my blog, “MywalkinManhattan.com” and visited it a couple of times when I was in the neighborhood. It is a elegant and beautifully designed shop by owner, Emily Hottensen. Ms. Hottensen runs  this delightful shop at the lower lever of an Upper East Side brownstone, which adds to the uniqueness of the design and makes it very welcoming to the customer.

When you walk through the door, you are greeted by her partner, her little dog whose charm adds to the customer service experience. Her dog knows how to charm a potential customer by licking your leg and expecting a belly rub. I could not resist and fell in love with the dog! The owner says that every customer who walks in becomes the dogs new best friend.

The design of the store is done in cool clean lines and displays the merchandise on shelves in a juxtaposed way. Candy is mixed in with books and lamps are by pillows all displayed in a way to show off the individual merchandise by color and design. Beautifully boxed chocolates ($40.00 for large/$10.00 for small) with motives of buildings and of horses make the perfect house-warming or host present along with items as decorative bottle openers (various prices) to add to a bottle of wine or for gourmet sodas that one might bring as a gift for dinner. Sets of colorful napkins both cloth and paper are the perfect party gift.

There are various pillows, lamps, candy dishes and bowls (various prices) that would add that extra touch of color or personality to a room as well as books of many subjects that would accent any coffee table for a reader of design and county living. The pillows come in various sizes and colors and the designs would cheer up the gloomiest couch.

pillow II

Smaller gifts such as napkins, place settings and napkin holders are placed on the table in the middle of the store to show off how they can be used in a setting. There are also beaded purses and clutches and a variety of modern jewelry for sale.

Here and there there are many items, large and small, to admire and the best part of the shop is that is small and intimate so that you can see the whole store from one location and zero in on the merchandise that you most admire.


Folly is a great store when you need to pick up a last minute gift for a party or just want to add a little splash to your living space. Just to see her dog again is a pleasure and a reason to enter this wonderful little shop housed in a small brownstone with unique merchandise at very fair prices for the Upper East Side.

The owner informed me that more merchandise for the holidays will be coming in soon.

Sutton Clock Shop 218 East 82nd Street New York, NY 10028

Sutton Clock Shop
218 East 82nd Street
New York, NY 10028
(212) 758-2260

Hours: Tuesday-Friday-11:00am-4:00pm

The Sutton Clock Shop is fascinating store that literally runs on time. It is one of the few shops in New York that is strictly for watch repair and sales. When you walk into the store, the walls are lined with clocks of all shapes, sizes, colors and ages. They work on modern clocks with the same precision and care as they would an antique or grandfather clock.

In the front of the store, there are case lines of antique curios and bric-a-brac that includes pieces of jewelry, small table pieces and decor items all displayed with gentle care to show their beauty. The prices are very fair as well depending on the piece. This is run by Knud’s wife, Sonia Laws, who takes special pride in the small trinkets of elegance that line the cases. It is a good place to look for that one of kind gift.(The Blogger notes that he even bought a small turtle pin as a gift for his own mother that was quite unique and special).

Walking amongst the merchandise and the ongoing repairs coming in and out of the store, it reminds me a magical wizard’s shop. It is fun to just walk in and look around. Even from the front of the store, there is something special about its location and signage that just lures you in, wondering what is going on in a clock shop.

With it’s old-fashioned feel it is still is a modern business and in a time of cell phones and automatic watches, where many people not even wearing wrist watches anymore (let alone know how to tell time), it is a throwback to a much different time when specialized repairs took time and a special eye for detail makes a difference on how the merchandise will work. Time and care is the specialty here.


Sutton Clock Shop, which began as a pawn shop in the 1940’s, has been an Upper East Side institution for over 60 years. The shop’s founder, Knud Christenson, acquired his clock knowledge in his home country of Denmark and brought his talents to America in the late 1940’s. He joined Kay Yeagar, who owned the pawn shop, Sutton Trading Shop and began to focus the business on clock repair in a tiny loft at 139 East 61st Street.

Knud’s youngest son, Sebastian Laws, a lifelong apprentice, who was always looking over his father’s shoulder as he worked at his bench, officially came on board in the late 1980’s. Knud and Sebastian worked side by side for two decades until Knud, well into his 90’s,retired, leaving the business to Sebastian. In 2016, the shop relocated to a larger space at 218 East 82nd Street in 2015 and has expanded its services to include sales as well as clock and barometer repair. House calls are available if you would prefer an onsite visit.

Services Offered:

Clock Repair:

With decades of experience in clock and barometer repair, Sutton Clock will give you a free estimate when you bring the Clock or Barometer to us. House calls are also available. Repair times will vary depending on both the type of repair and parts required. At the time of the estimate, a window for repair time will also be provided.

Barometer Repair:

Sutton Clock repairs all types of Barometers including Aneroid Barometers as well as Mercurial Barometers. Barometer repairs that require tube replacements of any size will be handled by a specialist who hand blows glass tubes. These repairs include: Barometer Pediments, Barometer Thermometers, Barometer Looking Glass, Barometer Bezels, Barometer hands, Barometer Glass beveled, convex with or without center hole for setter, replaced and/restored. Damaged cases can be repaired by our wood maker artisans.

House Calls:

If you would prefer to have your clock repaired in your home, house calls can be scheduled by calling (212) 758-2260. If your clock can not be fixed during the house call, you will receive an estimate for the cost of the repair and the clock will be returned to your home when the work is complete.

(Sutton Clock Shop website)

Cotelac 983 Lexington Avenue New York, NY 10021


983 Lexington Avenue

New York, NY  10021

(212) 288-0400



Monday-Saturday: 10:30am-6:30pm/Sunday: 12:00pm-5:00pm

I came across this unique clothing and accessories store when walking the lower part of the Upper East Side for my project “MywalkinManhattan.com”. I was attracted by the beautiful clothing designs in the windows. It just lured me in with classic tailored look and vibrant colors and patterns to the clothes.


Clean elegant store with vibrant colored clothing

When I walked into Cotelac, I was taken by the clean lines and elegant displays that I thought was unusual for this part of Lexington Avenue. I thought this shop would be located on Madison Avenue or maybe in SoHo. The clothing had a sporty, casual elegance to it and the motives of the clothes were different from the other stores in the area. The prices were also not outrageous as they might be on Madison Avenue. Blouses and skirts start between $85.00 to $245.00 US dollars. By wearable and very affordable. The store is for the woman who likes an elegance classic look without being too dressy.

Cotelac IV

Cotelac Fall 2019

When I talked to the saleswoman there, she said that the designer was from France and the store was part of a French chain that is located all over the world, it made more sense to me. I was attracted to a sporty blue and white nautical looking lightweight jacket and top combo that would not look out of place on a teenager or an adult. After two years in working at Macy’s Juniors Department, this look belonged on a active individual who dressed for the office and for going out for the afternoon or evening.

Cotelac III

Cotelac Fall 2019

They have a very striking Fall 2019 collection in the stores.

History of Cotelac:


The Cotelac brand includes two lines: woman and man, designed by Raphaelle Cavalli and her internal style office. Her clothes are characterized by a sustained attention to the textile material as well as a meticulous work, close to the crafts, on the treatments of tissues. Cotelac often uses several types of fabrics for the same garment.

Cotelac V.jpg

Cotelac Dress Fall 2019

In the ready-to-wear sector, the brand is positioned on the high-end, all generations. For her designer, Cotelac, “Dresses an active woman, a little bohemian, who likes beautiful clothes, not complicated, easy to live and wear.”

Cotelac VI.jpg

Cotelac Fall 2019


Cotelac was founded by Raphaelle Cavalli, a stylist and Pierre Pernod, previously creator of the brand ‘tehen’.

Raphaelle Cavalli studied in the textile section of the Beaux-Arts in Lyon, where she already worked on fabric. She completed her research with a training at the School of Textile Engineers of Lyon. In the late Eighties, she joined ‘tehen’, directed by Pierre Pernod. She deepened her work on the subject, especially mesh. This fabric is the centerpiece of the first collection, launched in 1993.

The name, ‘Cotelac’, comes from its creation, near Lake Nantau. In 2010, the brand built a new site in Amberieu-en-Bugey, bringing together production and the company’s headquarters. In 2004, Cotelac launched a new line, ‘Acote’, intended for a younger audience. His style is entrusted to Baptiste Viry, in tandem with Raphaelle Cavalli.


The Amberieu plant remains at the heart of the production process and the Cotelac ‘trademark’, including the famous pleating machines. Its creators also consider their activity and the know-how oft he brand on the mode of ‘industrial crafts’.


In 1993, the year of its creation, Cotelac opened 8 stores in France, Paris, Lyon, Toulouse, Annecy, Aix-en-Provence and Bordeaux. It now has 56, including 11 Acote stores, in 47 cities. Since 2004, the brand has been setting up abroad and already has some 30 points of sale in Europe (Spain, Germany, and Switzerland), the United States and Asia (Taiwan, China, Japan and Korea).


Cotelac has entrusted its image to several renowned artists, such as Ellen Kooi and Sarah Moon.

For several years now, the brand has also been involved in promoting young, unsigned, independent artists as part of a partnership with the Roy Music label. Each year, its creators select a ‘coup de coeur’, which they publish a CD with four titles, distributed free in the store. The brand has produced four artists (Jil Is Lucky, Onili and Hangar and Olivier Marois), many of which have since been successful.

In addition, in partnership with Kiblind magazine, Cotelac offers young graphic designers and illustrators the opportunity to interpret the brand artistically. An original creation is thus diffused in each number. Since 2009, several artists have participated in the operation, including Bettina Henni, Domitille Leca, Brecht Evens or the Montreal collective Chateau-Vacant. Cotelac regularly organizes exhibitions in its stores.


Check out their website for all locations.

Disclaimer: This information comes from both the Cotelac website and Wiki. Please check their website at http://www.cotelac.com for the full line and prices.