Equis Art Gallery 15 West Market Street Red Hook, NY 12571

Equis Art Gallery

15 West Market Street

Red Hook, NY  12571

(845) 758-9432



Equis Art Gallery

Open: Sunday 11:00am-4:00pm/Closed Monday-Tuesday/Wednesday-Saturday 11:00am-5:00pm

Equis Art Gallery

Equis Art Gallery in Downtown Red Hook, NY

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On a recent trip up to the Hudson River Valley, I stopped in both Rhinebeck and Red Hook to revisit stores I had seen at Christmas time when I was participating in Sinterklass, the Dutch Christmas festival (See MywalkinManhattan-Christmas blogs). One of the stores that I found very unique (along with Little Pickles Toy Store and Village Pizza III both mentioned on this blog), I came across the Equis Art Gallery at 15 West Market Street.

This gallery is fascinating because the subject matter to all of the art pieces are equestrian themed, with motifs of horses in all positions and done in many materials including photographs, paintings, stone work, sculpture, glass work and print. There is anything from paints that will run from $250 to over $1000 (US) to simple cards to send to friends. There is also an interesting line of jewelry.

Equis Art Gallery IV

The interesting and diverse art at Equis Art Gallery

What I like about the gallery is the diversity of art work. It is like visiting a museum that is dedicated to horses. There are horses of all shapes and colors and in all sorts of positions.

History of the Gallery:

When I talked with the gallery owner, Juliet Harrison, she told me she started the gallery after a bout she had with cancer. She had originally been a equestrian photographer and had her own studio in another part of town. Ms. Harrison started her photography gallery in an art collective and was doing quite well with it. After recovering from her illness, she wanted to create something different and expand her love of art.

She wanted something to support her friends, who were artists whose concentrate was equestrian art. With the help of 28 of her artist friends, she opened The Equis Art Gallery in 2014 featuring their work. She was dedicated to all mediums and has created a gallery that even she admits “is the only one of its kind in the world. Even when I Google it, I am the first business to show up. I now cater to customers all over the world and it is interesting how they find me.”

Equis Art Gallery III.jpg

Gallery owner Juliet R. Harrison

Now she wanted to give back not just to her friends who supported her but to the community as well. “Red Hook has such an old time feel to it where everyone knows one another,” she told me. The day I visited they had a small parade for the town and most of the members waved in her direction.

The gallery is lined wall to wall with interesting paintings in all sorts of mediums and the tables are lined with horse sculptures and jewelry that show the talent of the artisans. She has now branched out to artisans who create other animals art. She wanted a selection for a customer looking for similar art. “I try to find art that I would hang in my own home.”

Equis Art Gallery II

The inside of the gallery

If you are looking for a special gift for that horse lover, The Equis Art Gallery is a place to explore and admire beautiful artwork.


This video describes the business by gallery owner, Juliet R. Harrison

The Fairy Godmother 103 Second Street Lewes, DE 19958

The Fairy Godmother

103 Second Street

Lewes, DE  19958

(302) 930-7827

Open: Sunday-Saturday 11:00am-5:00pm



Fairy Godmother Store

The Fairy Godmother


I was visiting my mother recently and we spent the afternoon taking a tour of the the downtown in Lewes, Delaware. The one thing that I like about Lewes is that their downtown stores are geared to the locals as much as the tourists. You can find everyday things in their stores not just the tee-shirt shops and expensive gift stores that normally cater to tourists visiting for the week.

One of the stand out stores we visited was Fairy Godmother at 103 Second Street in downtown Lewes. This historic downtown dates back to the 1700’s with buildings that have been around since the Revolutionary War many of which have been renovated and brought back to their former glory. The building that houses Fairy Godmother is one of them. When we walked inside this former post office for Lewes, the beams and brick walls were exposed and were part of the decor. The shelving was hard wood and had been done in large pieces to display the merchandise with plenty of room to let the customer touch it.

Fairy Godmother Store III.jpg

The inside of Fairy Godmother shows exposed walls and ceilings

The merchandise is whimsical and fun and there are a lot of vendors that I had not seen before especially with the size of the Children’s Departments at the department stores. The shelves are lined with smiling stuffed elephants and bears in white and blue, shoes with animal motifs and a collection of infants, girls and boy ready to wear.

Fairy Godmother V.jpg

Interesting motifs on the clothing

Some of the standouts were small pairs of shorts with octopuses and giraffes on them, handknit sweaters with smiling bears on them, shirts with butterflies and an assorted arrays of tops and bottoms.

Fairy Godmother Store II

They display their clothes and toys in a fun and interesting way

There is a small collection of toys to choose from and an array of accessories for the hair.  Prices range from $10.00-$50.00 for some of the designer wear. The collection changes with the seasons. It is the perfect place for grandparents in search of that special gift.

Fairy GOdmother IV.jpg

Toys and accessories for children

Check out the boys section with its colorful shirts and pants and some of the smart clothing for the Fall. There is a little something for everyone here.

The service is very warm, personal and friendly and the staff here will help you find the perfect gift, wrap it for you and hand it to you in a personalize store bag. This is something you can’t get on the internet. Service here is with a smile.

The Ravioli House & Pastry Shop 102 East Bennett Avenue Wildwood, NJ 08260

The Ravioli House & Pastry Shop

102 East Bennett Avenue

Wildwood, NJ  08260

(609) 522-7894



Open:  Sunday-Saturday 10:00am-10:00pm (Seasonal)

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Ravioli House III.jpg

The Ravioli House Pastry Shop


Sometimes a shop does not fit the traditional pattern of establishments that  I include on this site. They fall into a category that is more restaurant than a traditional store. Ravioli House & Pastry Shop is a combination of both where quality and service separates it from other restaurants and bakeries that I have visited lately.

I came across the Ravioli House when I was attending the Firemen’s Convention every September. I was walking around Wildwood to see what the town was like after our main meeting and came across the Ravioli Pastry Shop which is the back part of the restaurant. It had an inviting entrance with the words “fresh Italian desserts” and that was for me. What a great surprise inside!

The pastries here are amazing and are very innovative. There is a combination of traditional and modern Italian desserts to choose from. The eclairs ($3.50) are larger than their French versions and full of creamy vanilla filling. They are topped with a thick layer of chocolate frosting and this confection is a pleasure in every bite.

They bake an usual cookie called a “Deliciousioso”, ($3.00) which is a type of Linzer Tart but instead of jelly it is filled with almond cream and then the sides are rolled in nuts. It has a subtle sweetness to it and you can taste the richness in the cream filling.

Ravioli House II

It is hard to choose from all the delicious pastries

The St. Joseph Puff Pastry ($4.00) differs from a Cream Puff only in that it is filled with a combination of Cannoli cream and vanilla filling rather than a traditional whipped cream or vanilla filling. It large, dense and you can taste the sweetness in both the Cannoli Cream and in the pastry itself.

The Cannoli’s ($3.00) here are filled to order and made in house. The Cannoli Cream is thick, rich and delicious and studded with chocolate chips. The outside shells are crisp and well baked.

The restaurant section is just as good as all sauces, pastas and dressings that are made in house and the quality of the food and service is top notch. It is a real home town restaurant as it has been owned by the same family for almost 50 years and the daughter of the owner still guards over the dining room and her mother, the owner still works in the kitchen and supervises the staff.

The homemade Ravioli here is excellent. Little pillows of fresh pasta that are filled with Cheese, Meat and Spinach. Order the Ravioli House Trio ($19.95) with a side of meatballs and you will get to sample all three. The marinara sauce here is made with fresh tomatoes and garlic and is full of flavor.

Ravioli House V

Their homemade Ravioli is excellent

The Manicotti ($17.95) here with meatballs is very good. They are made with light as air pasta pancakes filled with a ricotta and parmesan cheese filling and topped with their fresh marinara sauce.

Another dish I can recommend is the Linguini in White Clam Sauce ($19.95), which is made with fresh in house linguini and studded with fresh baby clams and steamers in a light white wine and lemon sauce which enhances the freshness of the seafood and not overwhelming. The Linguini is also good with their Bolognese Sauce ($20.95), which is topped with a rich and flavor packed meat sauce of ground beef and chopped vegetables.

The service here is always very friendly and when it is not too busy can be very personal. Their wait staff has been very well trained and handle a busy dining room like an artist. Everyone is made to feel at home here.

Ravioli House.jpg

The Ravioli House Restaurant

The restaurant is opened seasonally and will close in October until the beginning of April.

Gabrielle Carlson Studio 501 Lexington Avenue New York, NY 10017

Gabrielle Carlson Studio

501 Lexington Avenue

New York, NY  10017

(917) 514-4433




When I was exploring the Turtle Bay neighborhood for my blog, “MywalkinManhattan.com” when rounding the corner by the Roger Smith Hotel  I was greeted by the beautiful vibrant colors of clothes in the window of Gabrielle Carlson Studio, which at the time was on East 47th Street and has now moved to 501 Lexington Avenue in the Roger Smith Hotel’s shops facing Lexington Avenue.

What attracted me to the store was the vibrant colors of the clothing and uniqueness of the styles and designs. Clothes were hanging from the racks in vibrant deep greens and purples and various hues of blue. There were different types of clothes to choose from including dresses, skirts, tank tops, tee-shirts, scarfs and sheen coverings in various colors and sizes. The store’s motto is “Beautiful Clothes in Your Size” and it fits the bill.

Gabrielle Carlson Studio III

A beautiful top accessorized by jewelry

When I walked into the new store on Lexington Avenue, I was lucky enough to talk to Gabrielle Carlson, the designer herself about her clothing line and the customers she caters to in New York. Ms. Carlson is originally from South Africa and is now living in New York and discovered a niche in the boutique market for a mature woman who likes to try her clothes on and find the right fit. Most of Ms. Carlson’s line in manufactured here in New York City’s Garment District and some clothes are actually made for the customer whose measurements don’t fit traditional sizes of the department stores.

Ms. Carlson explained to me that she has an excellent turnaround time with her clothes as she works with people in the Garment District whose craftsmanship is excellent and can tailor her look for her customers for that reason. She also works with jewelry designers and manufacturers who produce her accessories that her clothes nicely.

Her jewelry lines are also made here in New York and these beautiful pearl and bead necklaces and bracelets can match all wardrobes. These elegant pieces can be worn both dressy and casual.

The store tailors to that customer who still likes to try her clothes on for the perfect fit and likes to mix and match looks. The looks can go from business casual to dressy evening ware and never loose sight of the woman wearing them.

Also her prices are very fair for the quality of clothing that is not only American made but New York made.


Gabrielle Carlson Studio

A proud customer in a Gabrielle Carlson jacket


A History of Gabrielle Carlson Studio:

(This write up is from Ms. Carlson’s website)

About Gabrielle, Fashion Designer & Dresser Extraordinaire

Gabrielle designs beautiful, elegant clothes in vibrant colors and exquisite fabrics. Wearing her pieces, you look and feel beautiful-your very best self.

Gabrielle’s style is timeless and well-worn by women of every age and size. Stepping into her shop, you see an array of vivid color-and fabrics you want to touch: intriguing that combine creating endless ensembles.

Gabrielle’s day into evening pieces are there too. And there are the jackets-slipping into a Gabrielle jacket has you ready for unexpected moments. There are ‘one of kind’ pieces, a mix of beautiful pieces. It’s a question of where to look first.

Professional women who have little time to find clothes that flatter and fit are happy with Gabrielle’s expertise; she will dress you for the courtroom, conference room and cocktails. “Beautiful clothes in Your Size” is absolutely what’s available.

Stepping into Gabrielle’s studio, you’re surrounded by color, texture, fun styles and you want to play. Gabrielle loves dressing her customers creating with you, choosing pieces that best enhance you, flatter your figure and satisfy your longing for beauty. It’s an infectious experience that has women returning and bringing other with them.

I give full credit to Gabrielle Carlson Studio for this information.



Royal-Athena Galleries 153 East 57th Street New York, NY 10022

Royal-Athena Galleries

153 East 57th Street

New York, NY  10022

(212) 355-2034

Fax: (212) 688-0412




Open: Monday-Friday 10:00am-6:00pm/Saturday & Sunday Closed


I visited the Royal-Athena Galleries when I was touring the Turtle Bay neighborhood recently and it is an interesting mix of gallery and museum. The ancient art pieces are items that you would see in major collections and in the halls of well-known museums. Inside each of the cases and art that lined the tables were from Ancient Egypt, Greece, and Italy.

Royal-Athena Galleries II.jpg

Museum quality art work lines the cases and tables of the store

There was everything from large statues to small items like idols, coins, figure heads, bowls and vases. Each case told a story of a collection and each piece was marked with what the piece was, where it was from, sometimes a previous owner and the price. It was like going to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and seeing price tags on all the works. Items range from $100.00 on up. The most expensive thing I saw in my time in the store was about $15,000. The items are all authenticated by experts and there is a history to where they came from. There are a few gallery employees dotted through the store that are available for assistance.

Background on the store:

The Director of the Galleries, Mr. Jerome M. Eisenberg, has been specializing in Ancient Art for over 60 years and has extensive lecturing, teaching and writing on the subject. He has sat on many panels sharing his expertise on Ancient Art and on the movement of items through the art world recently lecturing on the looting of works through the Middle East (Store Website).

All the antiquities in the catalog and in the New York Gallery (there is one in London as well) is the largest and most extensive collections of the ancient arts ever exhibited for sale. In addition to the many masterworks of ancient art, there are a wide variety of fine items on display priced from $100 to $1000 and up including Greek and Roman coins and Old Master prints and drawings, perfect for the beginning collector or for that very special gift (Gallery catalog).

Royal-Athena Galleries III

The Greek and Roman collections at the gallery

Every object purchased by the galleries has been acquired legally. If imported by them into the United State, they have done so in compliance with all federal regulations and have given full consideration to all international treaties governing objects of cultural importance. Antiquities priced at $5,000 or more are now checked and registered with the Art Loss Registry in London (Gallery catalog).

All of the objects are clearly labeled with complete descriptions and prices. Condition reports on all the objects are available upon request. We encourage browsing and are happy to assist and advise both the amateur and the serious collector. Appointments can be made outside of regular gallery hours for clients desiring privacy (Gallery catalog).

The catalog is available at the gallery or online.



Azalea & Oak 5 Tudor City Place New York, NY 10017

Azalea & Oak

5 Tudor City

New York, NY  10017

(212) 922-0700





I came across Azalea & Oak when I was walking around Tudor City in the Turtle Bay neighborhood in New York. This unique and quirky store specializing in Women’s Accessories, jewelry and children’s clothing, gifts and stuffed toys was beautifully displayed and wonderful stocked with all sorts of handmade items. It is somewhat hidden in the Tudor City complex. I love their displays as well.

I was talking with one of the salespeople and she was telling me that the store had just been renovated from a flower shop into this new concept of a gift store. The owner is a former buyer for Saks Fifth Avenue and it shows in the selection of merchandise. Everything here is high quality.

The owner herself was the designer of the most of the jewelry in the shop and all over the front cases and tables there were beautifully designed baubles with pearls, colorful stones and sterling silver settings. Some of the standouts were the initial braid necklaces ($78.00) and bracelets ($68.00) and her jeweled lettered brooches in gold and pearl ($48.00).

Azalea and Oak III

The displays of Women’s  Jewelry

What I thought was the standout of the store were the items that catered to young women. There were wonderful stuffed animals Miss Rose Sister Violet ranging from $24 to $48 in the shape of lambs, rabbits and swans with big smiles on their faces and super soft to touch.

Their dress up items also by Miss Rose Sister Violet were detailed without being over the top and were embellished with sequins and jewels. There were tops, bottoms and cover-ups in all sorts of designs ranging from $24.00 on up.

Azalea and Oak II

All the cute children’s plush and dress up

There were neat little necklaces by Meri Meri in all sorts of designs that would make the perfect gift for the child at Summer Camp. These little necklaces come in all sorts of designs. Another child’s accessory were beautifully crafted handmade crowns and masks studded with beads, sequins and feathers perfect for the child going out for a night in costume. They have the cutest little baby clothing also from Oh Baby with designs of happy animals in light colors at various prices.

Meri Meri Necklace.jpg

Necklaces by Meri Meri

They also have an assortment of vintage Gucci and Louis Vuitton purses sold second hand at various prices. You can check the website for these.

The best part of the Azalea & Oak is the comfort and the warm welcome you get when you enter the store. The young woman working with the owner could not have been nicer and spent the time going over the merchandise with me explaining that the store was looking for unique brands that were from vendors specializing in more handmade items.

The store is beautifully merchandised with small tables and shelves showcasing each item whether it be jewelry, stuffed animals or a small kit to grow plants. Each was given much care to show them off.

The service could not have been friendlier and it is nice to meet salespeople that take the time not only to learn the merchandise but take the time to explain it to you. That is becoming rarer when you shop.

Bon Vivant 231 East 58th Street New York, NY 10022

Bon Vivant

231 East 58th Street

New York, NY 10022

(646) 481-4044



Open: Sunday and Monday Closed/Tuesday-Friday 9:30pm-7:30pm/Saturday 9:30am-6:30pm

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I thought Bon Vivant was such an interesting little pastry shop to come across when I was visiting the Turtle Bay neighborhood for my blog, “MywalkinManhattan.com”. It is so unassuming from the street but such a little delight from the inside.

The store is a small pastry shop specializing in Petit Fours of various flavors in two different sizes and small pastries. The small cakes look like works of art in small cases. There were a few decisions that I faced between the Lemon or the Lavender cake, a few small ones ($3.50) or one large one ($6.50) but with the help of the woman at the counter I decided on the Lavender.

Bon Vivant

Tiny Lavender Cake

The Lavender cake was sweet without being overwhelming. The light white cake was filled with a combination of Lavender flower and Lavender flavoring. It had a perfumed sweetness in that you could taste the Lavender but it did not taste like the usual artificial flavorings that you might be used to in these cakes. She told me that it was the use of the Lavender leaves infused into the filling that gave it the intense sweet flavor. What ever it was it was delicious.

On my second trip to Bon Vivant on an extremely hot day, I cooled down with one of their Lemon Zest Petit Fours ($6.20) which was a small cake with a lemon juice infused center covered with a lemon icing and a small purple flower on top. I was it down with a Sanpellegrino Limonata ($2.00). The tartness of the drink mixed nicely with the sweetness of the cake and really brought out the lemon flavor in each bite. It was the perfect pick me up after lunch.

On my third trip to the pastry shop after a large Chinese meal, I finished off lunch with one of their Rose Petit Fours ($4.50). This delightful little pink cake was infused with Rose extract and topped with a sweet sugar rose. With each bite, you could tasted the Rose flavoring and the cake even smelled like a rose. The gentleman working there that afternoon said the real rose petals were too strong for the American customer and they might not like that strong flavor. Still it was perfumed and had a nice sweetness to it.

The store itself it beautiful. It is a small space with a few tables with clear chairs to match the tables. The cakes are displayed on a side board where they are lined like colorful jewels each with a small place card and tiny flowers displayed on top. Going up the stairs to where you buy your food is a small chandelier that gives it that extra touch that you feel like you are in a tiny French tea room. It is fun to sit at the top of the stairs and people watch.


Bon Vivant III

The cakes in a gift pack displayed beautifully

There are many flavors of cakes to choose from and it will be interesting for future visits.