OOH Baby by Anika Ignozzi 21 Greenwich Avenue New York, NY 10014

OOH Baby by Anika Ignozzi

21 Greenwich Avenue

New York, NY 10014



Open: Sunday 1:00pm-7:00pm/Monday Closed/Tuesday-Thursday 1:00pm-7:00pm/Friday-Saturday 12:00pm-9:00pm

My review on TripAdvisor:

I don’t know what made me walk into Ooh Baby by Artist Anika Ignozzi at 21 Greenwich Avenue in Greenwich Village but I was curious because of the colors and designs I could see from the window. I met the artist who was hard at work that afternoon and introduced myself as a student at NYU. She looked up and said that she was thinking of taking some business classes at the school.

The window display in December 2022

I looked at her and said that she looked like she already found her calling and made a successful business of it. She was already doing what most business students want to be doing, creating a business, finding their passion in it and making money at it. I told her she was already doing what most kids dream of and she smiled and seemed pleased that I said what I said.

I love the vibrant colors, wild designs and fun atmosphere of Ooh Baby. The originality of the cloths and the sense of individually you get when you wear a piece of her clothing gives the wearer the knowledge that they are wearing something special. Each piece is its own piece of art.

It is an experience in shopping!

The entrance of Ooh Baby

I love just touring the store for inspiration

The whole store is like on giant art gallery

History of Ooh Baby from the artist:

(From the website):

From the very start of Ooh Baby, I wanted to create wearable art that expresses individuality and stands out amongst the crowd. Five years later and soo many hand painted pieces later, I am still totally obsessed with creating zany clothing for your daily life, Ooh Baby is growing limiting the amount of pieces I can create by hand for you. I want more people to be able to wear Ooh Baby at an affordable price. As a result, I’m begun designing new Limited Edition Ooh Baby that you can rock on the daily. These clothes will have my trademark artwork on them, designed with detail and intention. Multiple sizes will be available too resulting in a better fit for y’all.

I love the way the clothes are displayed

I decided to start with one of my signature characters named “EDGE” on jeans. I noticed that pants as a form of expression is underused in day to day life. This limited edition drop of 250 is created in New York City & screen printed in Brooklyn! Every tourser will be numbered by hand on the Ooh Baby label too. I’m so excited to share these new items with you and to continue designing wild and wearable art.

From an article in “City Paper” by Amanda Waltz:

Her clothes, which are also for sale on her website are a youthful array of bright, fluorescent colors and renderings of eyes, faces and animals. Think Betsey Johnson with a generous dash of DIY punk aesthetic. She uses acrylic paint for the designs, which are then made weather-safe with a layer of clear cost finish. She then stipulates that her pieces should be hand-washed.

The store in Manhattan though is filled with the most interesting art and clothing that is all for sale. The store itself is an art piece that the artist painted and filled with the most interesting art. clothing and accessories. The store is one giant art gallery with wearable art.

The accessories are just as interesting as the clothing

Social Media on the artist

Interview with the artist:

Video on the artist does not do her justice

Documentary on the artist:


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