Pane Pasta 58 West 8th Street New York, NY 10011

Pane Pasta

58 West 8th Street

New York, NY 10011

(646) 891-0006

Open: Sunday-Saturday 9:00am-9:00pm

My review on TripAdvisor:

Pane Pasta at 58 West 8th Street

I found this wonderful combination bakery and gourmet shop when walking home from school one afternoon and exploring Greenwich Village. All the delicious pizzas and pastries in the window lured me in.

I had just eaten my lunch, so I was not that hungry and just wanted a snack. I saw the small doughnuts in the windows called Bombolones, which are yeast doughnuts filled with chocolate or vanilla cream fillings and then rolled in granulated sugar. The small one is $2.15 and the large one was $5.00. Don’t let the price deter you as it is a sweet and filling little dessert. The fresh vanilla cream played beautifully off the sweet dough and sugary topping. Each bite was wonderful, and it was the perfect finish to my lunch.

I admired the way they merchandised the store with all the food items lining in the cases like jewels with colorful slices of fresh pizza, doughnuts and pastries of various sizes and colorful little cookies with different fillings and icings. There are also rice balls filled with meats, large stuffed calzones and made to order there are fresh pasta dishes like lasagna and penne that are all made inhouse.

The menu also offers a variety of Panini, the flattened sandwiches, salads and small specialty dishes that are Chef’s specials that change every day. The prices are very reasonable for Greenwich Village standards with all items under $20.00. You can put a very nice meal together for under $15.00 and walk out stuffed.

I did that one afternoon when I visited the store for a second time and ordered lunch. The owner, who is from Palermo, recommended a slice of the Potato “Patata” Pizza ($4.50), which was a light pizza dough covered with mozzarella cheese, olive oil and fresh thin slices of potato dipped in olive oil and rosemary and then baked to perfection.

What I liked was the way the saltiness and distinct flavor that came from the sea salt and rosemary on the pizza. It played well with the creaminess of the cheese underneath giving it a wonderful savory flavor.

The “Patata” Potato Pizza is amazing (Pane Pasta)

For dessert this time, I ordered the smaller Bombolone with the chocolate cream filling ($2.15) and a sweet, glazed cookie called a “Tetu” which came in both a chocolate version and lemon glazed version ($1.50 each). I ordered the chocolate version, and the cookie was sweet and crisp. The meal with a Coke and the tip was only $11.25 and I thought it was very fair.

The “Bombolone”, the cream filled doughnuts are sweet and creamy in every bite (Pane Pasta)

There are so many different varieties of lunch and dinner combinations to choose from off the menu and it will be interesting to visit in the future and try them.

The owner, Vincenzo, offered me a warm welcome and told me about the store. It was personal service that you see a lot in Europe and now brought to Manhattan.

I will be returning soon to try more things. The pastas sound amazing.

The History of Pane Pasta:

I talked with the owner, Vincenzo, when I was having lunch the second time in the store. He explained to me that he had come from Palermo in Sicily and his family had been in the restaurant business there.

He was encouraged by friends to open a business in New York City and found this location with an American partner, who he opened the business with in 2020. The unfortunate part was they opened the business right before the pandemic and the whole city shut down as they opened their doors so near the NYU campus.

He told me it had been a struggle at first but with a very loyal and dedicated clientele, he was able to weather the environment and now that things have gone back to the ‘new normal’, he is developing a loyal clientele.

With a delicious selection of items, a warm greeting from the owner who works the front counter and engages with his customers, the business is again thriving.

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