Lucky Wang NYC 82 7th Avenue New York, NY 10011

Lucky Wang NYC

82 Seventh Avenue

New York, NY 10011

(212) 229-2900

My review on TripAdvisor:

Lucky Wang at 82 Seventh Avenue (Lucky Wang website)

I saw this unusual, patterned dress in the window of Lucky Wang, a delightful children’s store in Greenwich Village and I had to stop in and see it up close. This little dress is just one of the many beautiful and unique pieces of clothing that the store carries. Many of the clothing items have such vibrant colors and patterns.

I love walking around the store and wishing I was still a kid getting to pick out my own clothes for school. This is such a special little shop that dresses children so beautifully and prepares them for their first day at school or for a special holiday. There are so many interesting items to choose from the various tables and shelves.

Along with all the colorful tops and bottoms and stylish dresses, I love the kimonos that they have for children. I thought this was very original and looks so beautiful on a child. The way the cloth wraps around a child’s body, it gives them a whimsical look to fashion.

The Children’s Kimonos are just spectacular

For the warmer months, I saw this brilliant cherry bloom design on one of the mannequins and it just stood out. The bright pink and playful flowers bring a sense of springtime to any child.

I love the Spring Kimono

The toy selection at Lucky Wang is so cute. All over the shelves and displays of the store are delightful little creatures smiling and winking at you from vendors like Jellycat and Signakid. These bright and animated creatures come in all sizes and prices but are the perfect gift for any lucky child.

This happy little horse is from Signakid

On top of clothing and playthings, there is a nice selection of children’s books, jewelry, baby dish sets, infants clothing and layette items, a small selection of footwear and small wooden toys. There is something for every lucky child at Lucky Wang. It’s just deciding what to buy them.

What I also like about the store is that the owners are so hands on and greet you so warmly at the door. They are generally interested in what you are looking to buy and give you that personal service.

(These wonderful pieces are from the Lucky Wang website)

The History of Lucky Wang:

(From the store website)

Lucky Wang is a New York City born and bred established in 1996. We carry our own label featuring infant kimonos, rompers, dresses, shirts, leggings, pants and NY themed tees. We also carry a rotating roster of fine children’s brands such as Imps and Elfs, 1+ in the Family, Manino Clothing, Red Caribou, Sioamimi, Rowdy Sprout, Chaser, Mini Rondini just to name a few. Please check us out often for new arrivals and sales.

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