Johnson’s Popcorn 1360 Broadway Ocean City, NJ 08226

Johnson’s Popcorn

1360 Broadway

Ocean City, NJ 08226

(609) 368-5404

Open: Sunday-Thursday 9:30am-5:00pm/Friday-Saturday 9:30am-9:00pm

Check website for Seasonality

My review on TripAdvisor:

Johnson’s Popcorn at 1360 Boardwalk in Ocean City, NJ

Taking a trip down the Jersey Shore is always fun especially on a late summer afternoon during the week when there are not too many people around and you have the whole Boardwalk to yourself. When I arrived at the Ocean City, NJ Boardwalk, it was mostly locals walking around, enjoying the sunny afternoon jogging, power walking and conversing with neighbors. You could see it was a tightknit group on the Boardwalk that day.

I have been coming to Ocean City, NJ only recently staying the night six years ago when I thought I might have a job close by. I started to explore the shore towns and made Ocean City my headquarters for that trip. This is when I fell in love with their Boardwalk. It is less ‘honky-tonk’ then other Boardwalks at the shore but with a nice selection of stores and restaurants. Johnson’s Popcorn at 1360 Boardwalk is one of the stores I visit over and over again for my Caramel corn fix.

I have had buckets of their Caramel corn both at this store and their “pop-up” store on the Wildwood, NJ Boardwalk during the NJ Firemen’s Convention and it is just the best. When you buy both the small and big buckets of popcorn what I like best is that they fill the bucket to the rim and then put it in a plastic bag so that it overflows into the bag. So you actually have more to munch on in the bag.

Their caramel corn is the best!

Watching the caramel corn being made is a treat. The popcorn is always freshly popped and then they add a large portion of freshly made caramel and pour it into the pots and stir it so you get to see the magic being made in this gooey combination. They really layer the caramel thick on the popcorn and when you buy it fresh, you get to experience the caramel warm in your mouth. There is nothing like it.

On a recent trip to Ocean City, I decided to try the Cheddar Cheese popcorn and that was heaven as well. It was a nice combination of cheese and spices that layered the popcorn nicely. Both in my mouth and on my fingers, I was licking the cheese powder off and using a napkin to wipe off the rest the layers. They put a lot of cheese on their popcorn and you could taste the extra spiciness of the corn with each bite.

The service is always so nice at Johnson’s Popcorn and I could see by the pictures on the walls that their team is the same people year after year who really care about the product. There is so much care in the way they prepare their popcorn and you can tell by the quality of the product and the friendliness and welcoming you get in the service there.

Johnson’s Popcorn is such a welcoming place with friendly service.

It makes going to the Jersey Shore fun!

History of Johnson’s Popcorn Ocean City, NJ:

(from the Johnson’s Popcorn Website)

Since 1940, Johnson’s Popcorn has been one of the most famous icons of the Ocean City, NJ Boardwalk. The aroma of hot caramel tossed over giant kernels of popcorn has lured millions of visitors to Johnson’s Popcorn’s storefronts that lie beneath the red and white awnings.

All of Johnson’s Caramel Popcorn is hand mixed in large copper kettles. This mixing process always draws a crowd of fascinated eyes and hungry snackers during the summer season. Every kernel is popped and mixed at one of our Ocean City, NJ Boardwalk locations, 7 days a week and 12 months out of the year.

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