Little Pie Company 424 West 43rd Street New York, NY 10036

Little Pie Company

424 West 43rd Street

New York, NY 10036

(212) 736-4780

Open: Sunday 10:00am-6:00pm/Monday-Tuesday 9:00am-6:00pm/Wednesday-Friday 9:00am-8:00pm/Saturday 10:00am-8:00pm

My review on TripAdvisor:

There are some stores in New York City that just stand out for their uniqueness because of the product they sell or their history with the City or both. Little Pie Company is one of those stores.

I had heard of the store since its opening years ago and had never visited it. When I was walking the Hell’s Kitchen/Clinton neighborhood for my blog, “”, I finally came across this friendly little pie shop just off the Theater District. Since I remembered that the founder was a actor who was trying to earn money while he was in between jobs I thought it was fitting for its location.

Since COVID, the pies are now individually wrapped for purchase and did not come just out of the oven but that does not matter. The pie I had that first day visiting was excellent. The selection is extensive so it was hard to choose.

It is hard to choose from the flavors that Little Pie Company carries

The freshly baked pies sit like jewels in a the pie case, lined up and labeled with their beautiful colors and designs. There are seasonal pies like the current Georgia Peach and Sweet Potato pies that will be available for the month and then there are the regular pies that are available every day. There were a lot of tough decisions to make.

I had a Three Berry Pie with a lattice topping with a sugary buttery crust. Even though it was cool it still burst with flavor with the fresh berries with a sweetness and tartness with every bite. For a small pie, these are really filling and are more than the standard dessert.

The Three Berry Pie is a combination of sweetness and tartness

The service could not have been nicer. The ladies were really patient with me as I made my selection. The nice part is that they serve it in a little individual box that is almost like a present to myself.

I walked down to a little park down the street from the store to enjoy my pie and everyone got to see the big smile on my face as I ate it. I wish there were more stores like this in Manhattan.

On my second trip to Little Pie Company, things had finally started to open up in Manhattan so there is outdoor dining right outside the shop now as long as the weather stays warm.

I tried one of their seasonal pies which will be over at the end of September when the Georgia peaches stop coming in. I had one of their Georgian Peach Lattice pies and it was delicious. The peaches were so fresh and juicy and sweet that it accented the buttery golden crust. It was topped with a dusting of sugar which gave it the right amount of sweetness in each bite.

The service here is so friendly and welcoming and the ladies are so helpful when trying to choose from the many different flavors of pies.

Be sure to have your pie warmed up and eat it at the outdoor seating. It is nice to just relax with a delicious pie and watch the world go by. What is nice as well is that when you are finished, you can look in the kitchen window to see how the pies are made and baked right next to the shop.

Little Pie Company is a store that makes the neighborhood special.

History of the Little Pie Company:

(From the Little Pie Company website)

“We are living to make a contribution.” This simple, honest statement from the Little Pie Company’s creator Arnold Wilkerson reflects not only the man’s credo but also the thoughtful, patient work that goes into the homespun desserts made fresh in Manhattan’s vibrant theater district.

The locale is highly suitable as Wilkerson first made a name for himself as an actor in the Big Apple after studying at London’s historic Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts. But his love of baking comes from vivid recollections of his grandmother cutting up freshly fallen apples from their backyard trees for more than a few little pies of her own.

Wilkerson is living proof that the apple actually doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Since 1985, the Little Pie Company offers “a theater of baking” in a neighborhood joint where bakers are framed by large picture windows, creating a warming, rustic slice of Americana.

Locally sourced ingredients go into season-fresh pies, cakes and cookies. Carefully considered fillings made from nature’s ripe bounty are poured into hand-pinched crusts before the tempting treats are placed into small batch steel ovens. Rows of near-to-bursting pies with golden brown crusts rest on cooling racks until they are snatched up to be taken home, consumed on the spot or shipped fresh nationally for next day delivery.

Remember when a home-made desserts such as Mississippi Mud pie, pecan and classic apple equaled happiness? At the Little Pie Company, it still does. Simply good and ready to eat. Rounds of applause are optional but deliciously inevitable.

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