Petals & Moss 6 East Market Street Red Hook, NY 12571

Petals & Moss

6 East Market Street

Red Hook, NY 12571

(845) 758-9964

Open: Sunday 12:00am-4:00pm/Monday-Wednesday Closed/Thursday-Saturday 11:00am-5:00pm

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I was walking around Downtown Red Hook to update a blog I wrote on the town and I passed Petals & Moss, a local flower and gift shop. What attracted me to the store was the unique window display of arrangements of flowers and the very simple and rustic look of the display. It really showcased the flowers in their simplest form and showed off their beauty. It was also the elegant wreaths that showed the creativity of the owner, Nancy Lee.

Petals & Moss

Petals & Moss has such a welcoming and artisan look to it from the outside

When I went inside to see the store I was greet by the owner in a very friendly and cheerful manner. It is always nice to have the owner of the store welcome you and explain their merchandise. Ms. Lee explained to me that she does all the designs of her wreaths with a combination of twigs, dried flowers and small decorations to create these decorative pieces of art.

These elegant wreaths lined the walls of the store and came in all colors and designs and showed how you can showcase dried flowers. She even had arrangements of them on the tables around the store. Some of them displaying different types of flowers and other smaller arrangements just simple bunches of the same posies.

Ms. Lee creating interesting wreaths for both inside and outside the house

Her fresh flowers were all in season and located in bins by the register were small bunches of fresh local flowers, some of which Ms. Lee explained to me were cut from her own garden. She told me that she still visits the Flower Markets for her products but when in season she tries to buy locally. To have an arrangement of flowers cut from the owners own garden and displayed in an interesting arrangement makes the perfect host gift to someone who lives in the area. What better way to sell the flowers then display what can be cut from your own backyard?

The tables that line the store display small arrangements of flowers both fresh and dried and on the shelves there are displays of hand and organically made cosmetic items that can be sampled. I tried a lavender hand cream that really helped my chapped hands. I had been doing a lot of yard work myself and my hands had become dried. It really made my skin soft and it smelled amazing.

Ms. Lee’s website shows all the interesting bouquets she can create and not in the traditional designs that you would see in a regular florist. She really takes into account color, style, area and sets the mood with her interesting combination of flowers. These arrangements are more than just flowers in a vase. They are a piece of art to be displayed with pride in the middle of the table or on a sideboard.

The arrangements at Petals & Moss are a piece of art

What I find that stands out about the store is not just the fresh flowers from the owners garden or the friendly greeting that you get when you walk in, it is that flowers here are treated with respect and not just thrown in a vase to look nice. They are shown in their true beauty.

The History of Petals & Moss:

(from the owners website)

Nancy J. Lee is an event and commercial floral designer based in the Hudson River Valley of NY.

A horticulturist for over 25 years, she believes in using seasonal blooms and foliage available from local growers. Her aesthetic is wild and natural and personalized for everyone she works with.

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