Cat on the Corner 362 Main Street Catskill, NY 12414

Cat on the Corner

362 Main Street

Catskill, NY 12414

(518) 719-9080

Open: Sunday 11:00am-4:00pm/Monday-Wednesday Closed/Thursday-Saturday 11:00am-5:00pm

My review on TripAdvisor:

I was exploring downtown Catskill, NY one afternoon after reading an article about the ‘Brooklynization’ of the Hudson River Valley and wanted to see how true it was. A lot of these small Upstate New York towns are indeed changing and I can see it in the historic buildings being renovated, the amount of restaurants and shops that are opening that cater to tourists than to locals and the caliber of merchandise being carried.

Cat on the Corner

Cat on the Corner is located at 362 Main Street in Catskill, NY

I found it in one unusual themed store called “Cat on the Corner”, a unique little store run by owner and proprietor Kira Goldfarb, a Catskill native. She has really opened a really interesting store because it is part pet store, part gift shop and part curio store dedicated to all things cat related.

Cat on the Corner

The merchandise here is very unique

We got to talking that afternoon and she is a real cat lover with four of them at home. I got such a kick out of her merchandise. She had everything from what looked like handmade gift cards, key rings, magnets, books, stickers and coasters to some pet supplies for pampering your favorite pet.

Cat on the Corner

These special Cat cards are fun

I was impressed by the fact that she carries so many American made products and some made in New York State, which I think is very important at this time. She also has a little bit of everything for everyone and the prices of her merchandise are very fair. I was looking around at her selection of magnets and came a across an very sarcastic worded one that I bought as a ‘gag gift’ for my mother, a cat lover. To complete the gift, I bought a Cat cookie that was made locally, which was nice because I like to support local businesses.

Cat on the Corner

I thought this little Cat Cookies were a cute add on (they are made locally in NY State)

This is the perfect store for the holidays for small add on and ‘stocking stuffer’ gifts and a great place to take children who love cats as there are so many items that kids would love. This could be a very interesting store for ‘Back to School’ items to cheer kids up who will be going back to classes live in the Fall. There are lots of small items that kids can purchase on their own.

Cat on the Corner

They sell a copy of the original Cat Clock from the early 1970’s

What I like about the store is that the owner is there to help you with your purchases and explain her merchandise. The personal service goes a long way in a time when customer service is trying to be replaced by Amazon. Ms. Goldfarb showed me that good service is still in style.

I love the fun logo of the store

The History of Cat on the Corner:

(from the owners website)

Cat on the Corner is a one of kind shopping experience for cat lovers of all ages! Fittingly located in the small town of CATskill, NY, this cat themed gift shop offers a variety of quality products from all over the world all centered around cats! We also make an effect to source many of our unique items from independent woman owned businesses.

The logo for the store is very unique

Cat on the Corner is owned and operated by Kira Goldfarb, a Catskill native and fur mom to six (four cats and two dogs). Ms. Goldfarb also runs a handmade pet accessory business, Kira’s Pet Shop, a local cat sitting service, Catskill Village Cat Sitting and is the manager at The Community Theater on Main Street in Catskill, NY.

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