Myzel’s Chocolates 140 West 55th Street New York, NY 10019

Myzel’s Chocolates

140 West 55th Street

New York, NY  10019

(212) 245-4233

Open: Sunday Closed/Monday-Friday 11:00am-7:00pm/Saturday 12:00pm-5:00pm

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I came across Myzel’s Chocolates when walking the Central Park South neighborhood for ‘Day One Hundred and Fifty Eight’ for my ‘’ project. This delightful little store sits across the street from the City Center and just down the road from Fifth Avenue.

What attracted me to the store, which was right before Christmas was its whimsical display window with all sorts of colorful Christmas decorations, Santa’s and figurines in the window. Inside it was a mob scene of people buying the store out. You could not get near the counter, let alone fit into the 100 square foot store. I had to wait outside for a few people to leave and then I could walk in.

Myzel’s Chocolates is the brainchild of Kamila Myzel and her family who arrived in the United States from Poland during the marshal law crackdown before the fall of communism. Ms. Myzel opened the shop in 1990 with her mother, Alina after working in a series of other shops and felt she could do it better (NYTimes 2009).


Ms. Kamila Myzel with her famous Chocolate Cookies

The store is organized by a series of cases and shelves that are loaded with colorful jelly beans, licorice strips and glass cases of freshly baked cookies. Along the walls during the Christmas holidays, the shelves were laden with Santa and Snowman mugs filled with chocolates that ran for over $20.00. There were all sorts of gift giving items all over the store but it was the bulk chocolates in the case windows and the jars of colorful treats behind the counter that captured my attention. Prices vary per item.

Myzel Chocolate Store

Myzel Chocolate’s when you enter

My second trip to Myzel’s Chocolates, I actually saw Kamila Myzel waiting on a few of what I assumed were her regular customers because they had her full attention in an extremely busy store and could not have been more personal with them and to every customer that walked in. That is a very rare feat in a store this size and with the amount of customers dashing in and out.

I recently went to Myzel’s Chocolate for a snack on the way back from a restaurant on the Upper West Side and needed something sweet. I have to admit it is a little pricey because all I had was a Chocolate Chip cookie and a Chocolate Covered Marshmallow. Both were really good though.

Myzel's Chocolate IV

Kamila Myzel with her wonderful cookies

The Chocolate Chip cookie was loaded with butter and chocolate chunks and was crisp and a had nice taste to it. It had been nicely baked and caramelized on the outside. The Chocolate covered marshmallow was enrobed with a thick layer of milk chocolate surrounding what I thought was a fresh marshmallow. It made a nice snack and were both delicious. The whole store was decked out for Valentine’s Day and had a beautiful display window. Mrs. Myzel herself waited on me and could not have been nicer.

The store is a throwback to a time when the owner minded the store and they knew their customers by name. In a City the size of New York City, it is still nice to see the owner working the counter greeting her customers with a big smile and good recommendations for gifts.

As I elbowed my way out of the store for the third time, I still have to try one of the illusive cookies I see in under the glass dome. From what I read they are freshly baked every day with a recipe that was her grandmother’s.

That aside the store display windows are extremely creative and very festive and the store itself is colorful and vibrant. This is the type of store that brings Manhattan down to a more personal level.


Myzel’s Chocolates display windows are a real draw into the store.

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