Colorant 146 Main Street Beacon, NY 12508


146 Main Street

Beacon, NY   12508

Open: Thursday-Sunday 11:00am-6:00pm


Colorant on Main Street in Beacon, NY


I was visiting downtown Beacon, NY because I had been Upstate to take a tour of Bannerman Island (see and wanted to see if there were any changes in the businesses in the downtown area. It seems like the town is going through a second wave of business ownership.

In the middle of Main Street I came across Colorant, a clothing and gift store that prides itself on being environmentally and sustainably friendly. The clothes here are all made by the in house designer and store owner or are from vendors that manufacture the same way. The clothes are lightweight, all dyed by hand by all natural dyes and are hand-printed or hand-brushed making each piece its own work of art and technically one of a kind.

Colorant Beacon IV

I saw this beautiful hand-print on one of the racks

The beauty of the clothes is their simplicity and form that is carefully well-made by the designer and by her counterparts. The clothes are displayed like art where a few pieces are put out for people to try on and make sure the correct fit is made.

Colorant Beacon III

Dying of the clothing

The construction of the clothes is very well-made and you can see it in the stitching and dying of the clothes.

Colorant Beacon V

This simple indigo dyed dress can be dressy casual

The owner’s new line for the Fall of 2019 is now in the store and carries a series of blouses, shirts and dresses that were made for what looked like a petite woman. There were also handmade shirts for men as well. The prices are reflective of the quality of the clothing from its handwork to the dying. It is not cheap when is quality cheap?

Colorant Beacon VI

An indigo dyed men’s shirt at Colorant

The store also has an assortment of gifts such as planters, soap dishes, mugs and some jewelry and cosmetics. All of the products are environmentally made and have their own artistic touch to them. Please check the above website as the prices do change.

The service could not be more personal. The young woman working there explained the way the clothes are made and constructed and a little story about the owner as a designer and how she merchandised the store. The store is designed with exposed walls and piping holding the clothes with creative display cases to showcase the gifts.

It is nice to see American made products displayed in a creative environment with wonderful service. This is something that Amazon can’t replicate.

History of the clothes at Colorate:

Colorate (established in 2012) is a modern line of apparel and accessories that celebrates the use of natural dye plants such as Indigo, Madder Root and Walnut in creating our vibrant palette. Like in nature, botanical colors have unpredictability depending on where and how the material was grown. Sassafras grown in northern regions will not yield the same orange as those from the south, which we here at Colorate embrace as the beauty of the natural dye process. Each season our colors are tested with our chosen fabrications to insure our colors will stand the test of time (Colorate History website).

Each color has a story to tell:

Rich History:  Did you know the color purple was the most expensive color in the world? Roman kings were only able to wear it because it took 250,000 Murex Mollusks from the sea to extract enough dye to color a garment.

Earth Benefits: Botanical colors promote the harvesting of dye plants, creating a new agricultural market. Natural dyes are extracted from renewable resources offering a more sustainable option for the textile industry.

Pure Color: Nature provides hundreds of plant which yield vibrant colors. Many have been used for dying since antiquity and Colorant has preserved these tried and true methods.

(Colorant website)

Disclaimer: I credit the Colorant website for the company information and give them full credit for it.




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