Equis Art Gallery 15 West Market Street Red Hook, NY 12571

Equis Art Gallery

15 West Market Street

Red Hook, NY  12571

(845) 758-9432



Equis Art Gallery

Open: Sunday 11:00am-4:00pm/Closed Monday-Tuesday/Wednesday-Saturday 11:00am-5:00pm

Equis Art Gallery

Equis Art Gallery in Downtown Red Hook, NY

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On a recent trip up to the Hudson River Valley, I stopped in both Rhinebeck and Red Hook to revisit stores I had seen at Christmas time when I was participating in Sinterklass, the Dutch Christmas festival (See MywalkinManhattan-Christmas blogs). One of the stores that I found very unique (along with Little Pickles Toy Store and Village Pizza III both mentioned on this blog), I came across the Equis Art Gallery at 15 West Market Street.

This gallery is fascinating because the subject matter to all of the art pieces are equestrian themed, with motifs of horses in all positions and done in many materials including photographs, paintings, stone work, sculpture, glass work and print. There is anything from paints that will run from $250 to over $1000 (US) to simple cards to send to friends. There is also an interesting line of jewelry.

Equis Art Gallery IV

The interesting and diverse art at Equis Art Gallery

What I like about the gallery is the diversity of art work. It is like visiting a museum that is dedicated to horses. There are horses of all shapes and colors and in all sorts of positions.

History of the Gallery:

When I talked with the gallery owner, Juliet Harrison, she told me she started the gallery after a bout she had with cancer. She had originally been a equestrian photographer and had her own studio in another part of town. Ms. Harrison started her photography gallery in an art collective and was doing quite well with it. After recovering from her illness, she wanted to create something different and expand her love of art.

She wanted something to support her friends, who were artists whose concentrate was equestrian art. With the help of 28 of her artist friends, she opened The Equis Art Gallery in 2014 featuring their work. She was dedicated to all mediums and has created a gallery that even she admits “is the only one of its kind in the world. Even when I Google it, I am the first business to show up. I now cater to customers all over the world and it is interesting how they find me.”

Equis Art Gallery III.jpg

Gallery owner Juliet R. Harrison

Now she wanted to give back not just to her friends who supported her but to the community as well. “Red Hook has such an old time feel to it where everyone knows one another,” she told me. The day I visited they had a small parade for the town and most of the members waved in her direction.

The gallery is lined wall to wall with interesting paintings in all sorts of mediums and the tables are lined with horse sculptures and jewelry that show the talent of the artisans. She has now branched out to artisans who create other animals art. She wanted a selection for a customer looking for similar art. “I try to find art that I would hang in my own home.”

Equis Art Gallery II

The inside of the gallery

If you are looking for a special gift for that horse lover, The Equis Art Gallery is a place to explore and admire beautiful artwork.


This video describes the business by gallery owner, Juliet R. Harrison

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