Stationary and Toy World 125 West 72nd Street New York, NY 10023

Stationary & Toy World

125 West 72nd Street

New York, NY  10023

(212) 580-3922

Open: Monday-Saturday 9:00am-7:00pm/Sunday 10:00am-5:00pm

I came across Stationary & Toy World when I was walking the Upper West Side for my walking project, ‘MywalkinManhattan’ and was taken in by their store window displays with vintage toys. I came to find out they were not very vintage with seeing them and other toys I grew up with in the 70’s and 80’s lining the shelves. It figured when I found out that the store was established in 1988.

What I loved about the store is the variety of items you can find on the shelves. Once section is dedicated to toys and the selection was extensive. The aisle was lined with board games, puzzles, craft toys, painting sets, dress up and coloring books. Another aisle has painting and art supplies for that budding artist within all of us.

The last aisle has all sorts of stationary and things for the office including paper supplies, envelopes, writing materials and office items such as paper clips, pens, ink markers and staplers. The last wall was full of party supplies for that last minute office or birthday party.

stationary and toy world

The store is by no means fancy with everything stacked on top of one another but that is the fun of the store is the hunt for something you need but can’t find elsewhere. Many of their online reviews is that instead of having to wait for an Amazon order that they dashed in and found what they were looking for with out much hassle. Everything is organized by group and the depth of the merchandise is wonderful. There is so much to choose from.

What I like about the store is the service. The owners have a pulse on the neighborhood and it is like stepping back into the 70’s when personal service was king. The ladies working the front counter were very helpful when I asked them questions about the merchandise. They actually knew the answers. The owners, Donna Schofield and her father, Larry Gomez keep a careful watch on the store. The staff know where everything is located and it makes it for easier shopping.

I have been greeted in the store many times with a friendly face and a watchful eye by the people at the counter in case I have any questions. The store looks like one of the last of a disappearing retailer who offers an excellent selection of items for the same prices as online and you actually get to meet the people who will package it up for you and say ‘thank you’ in return.

It is a pleasure to shop when owners appreciate their customers!


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