Samuel’s Sweet Shop 42 East Market Street Rhinebeck, NY 12572

Samuel’s Sweet Shop

42 East Market Street

Rhinebeck, NY  12572

(845) 876-5312

Open: Sunday-Thursday 7:30am-8:00pm/Saturday-Sunday 7:30am-10:00pm

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I have visited Samuel’s Sweet Shop many times over the years from both living in Hyde Park, NY and visiting for Sinterklass events.

Samuel’s Sweet Shop is a unique and quirky little store of nostalgic candies, local vendor sweets, bulk candies, delicious baked products and coffees and hot chocolate. There are all sorts of gift items, bagged candies and sweet delights to choose from. The shelves are colorfully displayed with all sorts of candies, chocolate figurines, bags of gourmet mini cookies and boxed items at the holidays.

samuel's sweet shopIII.jpg

All the colorful bagged candies at Samuel’s

I have to admit some of prices are a little high with some nostalgic candies like Razzles or certain larger chocolate bars running around $2.35 but for a one time treat it makes a nice snack. There bulk and bagged candies are fairly priced with a selection of gums, jellies and wrapped items.

I think their selection of local products is interesting with honey candies from Upstate New York that run about $5.00 and mini cookies bagged from Vermont which run around $12.00. Again these are a little on the pricey side but they make nice gifts if you are visiting in the area and you are supporting local small businesses.

What is really wonderful one night that I was there was a Cookie Dough Cookie (2.50) and a hot chocolate ($3.25) which really hit the spot on a cold night. Their hot chocolate is excellent. Thick and rich and with a dollop of whipped cream it really warmed me up. The cookie was a cross between a cookie and a muffin in that it had a chewy rich consistency. I was not sure who their vendor is on the baked products but they are nicely displayed and seem to sell out fast.

What I love best about Samuel’s is the merchandising of the store with the bright colors, small baskets of candy bars and chocolates and bags of bulk candies with the logo on it lined on the shelves in a colorful rainbow. The whole store screams “Buy Me”!

samuel's sweet shop ii

The nice part of the store is the service. The staff here really seems to care about their customers and helping pick the right items to buy. The gentleman who convinced me to buy the cookie was dead-on with what I needed for dessert after a big dinner else where.

In a time when Amazon is dominating retail, Samuel’s Sweet Shop is one of those stores that shows us how beautiful merchandising, great product and excellent service bring us back to the stores in droves bringing back our wonderful childhood memories.

samuels Sweet shop

Gourmet mini cookies at Samuel’s


The History of Samuel’s Sweet Shop:

Samuel’s Sweet Shop was created by former owner, Ira Gunther, in 1994 after a visit to the town a year earlier and falling in love with Rhinebeck, NY. Having been exposed to ‘penny candy’ years earlier by his Uncle Samuel, he named his shop after him and all those wonderful childhood memories.

The business was a success and continued in its direction until Mr. Gunther’s sudden passing in 2014 and the store almost closed. With the investment of two longtime loyal customers, actors Paul Rudd and Jeffery Dean Morgan and their families decided to buy the store with another couple and current manager, John Traver.

Mr. Traver, who has been working at the store since he was 15 still continues to ‘curate’ the selection of candies, which focuses on nostalgic, locally produced and unusual candies and sweets.

The store continues to welcome customers to the Hudson Valley region with wonderful merchandise and excellent service.

Disclaimer: This information was taken from publicly that the store has provided online and I give them full credit for it. Please visit the store during its business hours to see its ongoing collection of candies.


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