Icon Style by Lara Kornbluh 104 West 70th Street New York, NY 10023

Icon Style by Lara Kornbluh

104 West 70th Street

New York, NY  10023

(212) 799-0029



Open: Wednesday-Friday-11:00am-8:00pm/Saturday-11:00am-7:00pm/Closed Monday & Tuesday

I came across this unique jewelry shop when walking the lower section of the Upper West Side for my blog, ‘MywalkinManhattan.com’. This interesting store is on a beautiful tree-lined street studded with brownstones and right near the Broadway shopping district and was founded in 1997.

The store was once upon a time a pharmacy that must date back to the last 1880’s as all the original woodwork and shelving were still intact and incorporated into the design of the store. It is now being used as the display cases for the all beautiful and interesting fine, vintage and costume jewelry that span the decades.

What attracted me to the store was the welcoming entrance and the fact that when you walk into the store, you are greeted not just by the friendly sales people, who could not be more inviting but also by the amount of jewelry and baubles that line the shelves that are displayed as if you were in a jewelry museum.

Items here are reasonably priced for what the item is in way of look and age. Two items that popped out at me was a costume jewelry octopus pin studded with red and green gems ($325) that almost smiled at me to take it home. The other was a multiple colored costume pin ($375) from the early 1900’s that looked almost like a flower with its colorful gems and interesting metal work design and the way it dazzled in the light of the store.

I even got to meet the owner, Lara Kornbluh, an artist who showed in galleries in the 90’s and who held one woman shows in Chelsea. She told me on my latest visit to the store that started to get an interest in jewelry as a way to earn extra money while she was showing her work at the galleries at the time. She even told me the story of how her contractor wanted to rip out all the wonderful turn of the century shelving that gives the store it unique look. She was right when she said that it represented ‘Old New York’.

All along the display cases are lined with all sorts of styles and colors of rings, bracelets, necklaces and pins of all shapes, size, designs and colors. If you are looking for that different style to mix and match with clothes, this is a good store to start in. If you are look for a complimentary piece of jewelry to something you may have inherited from your mother, grandmother or aunt, this is the perfect store to look for something to match or add to the look.

There is also a small array of vintage clothes, hats and purses in the back of the store that are unique and beautifully displayed for the customers.

Ms. Kornbluh has opened a store for those who are looking for the unique and one of a kind and makes an effort as a shop keeper to engage her customers in the pride of her store, the jewelry itself.  This is not a service you would see on Amazon but she is now working on a new website herself so that the beauty of these items can be seen all over the world.

Still come into the store when you are on the Upper West Side just to enjoy that store and atmosphere of being in a jewelry palace.

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