Creel & Gow 131 East 70th Street (at the corner of Lexington Avenue) New York, NY 10021

Creel & Gow

131 East 70th Street (at the corner of Lexington Avenue)

New York, NY  10021

(212) 327-4281


10:00am-6:00pm-Monday-Saturday/Closed on Sunday

I had passed this wonderful ‘little emporium of natural wonders’ when walked the Upper East Side for my project, “” and was lured in by the beauty of the building and by the window displays of unique and fascinating merchandise. It reminded me of my days of working on the 7th Floor of Bergdorf-Goodman in 2004. My several trips to the store, I came across the most unique merchandise that has been sourced from around the world.

creel and gow entrance

Creel & Gow is such elegant and welcoming store

What struck me when I have walked into the store is both the museum quality of the merchandise and especially how welcoming the staff is there. For a store like this I would have expected pretentious individuals working there but the staff here is wonderful and so friendly and welcoming. I can tell that they really love working here. There is such a pride in working here and of knowledge of the merchandise. You would think you were in a gift shop at the American Museum of Natural History and not a home design and gift shop on East 70th Street.


The boutique is located in the former stables of a historic, Grovernor Atterbury’s townhouse on the Northwest corner of Lexington Avenue and East 70th Street in Manhattan’s Upper East Side in New York City.

Founded in 2012, Creel and Gow is incorporating and adding to the collection of Ruzzetti and Gow and has an extensive range of fascinating and exquisite objects sourced from all over the world by Paris-based Jamie Creel and former Sotheby’s expert, Christopher Gow. Both are avid collectors. It is the perfect source to embellish one’s life with originality or find that unique gift for discerning individuals. Rare minerals, taxidermy, coral, silver shells, unusual decorative objects and exotic accessories fill this veritable cabinet of curiosities.

(Creel and Gow website)

When you walk in, you are greeted by gentle music playing in the background and a welcoming staff who are available to answer any questions. To the left in the back room in case lines are silver objects in the shape of seashells and animals whose one of a kind look can accent any table. I thought the part silver/part cowrie sea shell napkin holders ($100.00 each) would look beautiful on any table as well as a group of hand made/hand painted ceramic bowls from India ($150.00 each) would be nice for display only. The brass animal bottle openers ($75.00 each) are a whimsical gift for any dinner party.

creel and gow III.jpg

Check out the treasures from the sea in their cases

Here and there I  saw throw rugs and domestic items for the bedroom, natural sea life objects including a lobster sculpture that stood guard on the back wall to all the stately animal taxidermy behind glass cases (I read on line that these have been passed by country of origin and have been ethically made) . There is a nice assortment of birds under glass that are so beautifully and gracefully mounted. I liked the Victoria Crowned Pigeon ($2,500) for its beauty and gracefulness that I saw online and the various other birds that I admired in the cases.

creel and gow II.jpg

Check out all the interesting animals in the cases

Many objects caught my eye and their website at does not do the store justice. This is a store that must be visited and admired up close. For an Upper East Side store, I give them a lot of praise on service, merchandising and the merchandise itself. It is part museum and part home design but overall a gift shop extraordinaire.  The level of taste of the items sold here show the respect for the artists that the two owners, Mr. Creel and Mr. Gow, have in their way of merchandising and display. Even if you don’t buy anything, it is a wonderful place for decorating ideas and for that extra special gift, there is something for someone at all price points.

creel and gow.jpg

All the beautiful objects in the store

It’s just fun to look around the store and be amazed at the one of a kind merchandise in such a beautiful setting.

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