John Koch Antiques 201 West 84th Street New York, NY 10024

John Koch Antiques

201 West 84th Street

New York, NY  10024

(212) 799-2167

Monday-Tuesday: 11:00am-5:30pm

Wednesday-Saturday: 11:00-7:00pm

Sunday: 11:00-4:30pm

John Koch Antiques is a store that looks like someone just emptied their grandmother’s house and loaded it into one store. The store has been in business for over thirty years and specializes in buying from estate sales. The place is loaded with furniture, accessories, paintings and assorted bric-a-brac.

I love this small, crowded antique store with it loads of Victorian and early 20’s items. There is a treasure trove of small unique gift items from $20.00 and up. I saw antique perfume bottles with the curved metal work, small salt cellars and all sorts of tea pots with flowers, animals and zig-zag designs on them.

There are all sorts of things for the office such as wooden boats, Victrola’s, metal cars and hard liqueur bottles. Paintings stare at you, antique furniture lines the walls as you walk in and there are many small items locked behind the cases of all shapes and sizes.

It is hard to walk around the store as it is loaded with merchandise. It looks a little like an over-stuffed museum. Things are one on top of one another but in an organized way. Just make sure you don’t come in with an over-sized bag or you will bump into things.

What I like best about John Koch Antiques is that everything in the store is so reasonable. For a store located on the Upper West Side, he keeps his prices fair and you can walk out with a nice gift for under $50.00.

They also have the best window displays. The store heaps items in the front to give you a better look inside. It will give you some great ideas on ways to decorate your office or home. Who knows when that special purchase might makes it way to ‘Antique Road Show’.

It is also fun to window shop here at night when the light shines down on all these treasures.

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